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Creative Edge has been once again voted Abbotsford's BEST DANCE SCHOOL - offering competitive & recreational dance classes for 25 years!  At our school there are 3 spacious dance studios with sprung floors and, a parent favorite, “one-way mirrors” so parents can peek in on the dance lessons.



Click on the tabs below for more information. Please call (604) 855-3343 for most up to date information.) Click the "Schedules" tab on the navigation bar to find class times and more.





Congrats to Creative Edge dancer Kaitlin who was chosen to be on the Canadian National Team and represent Canada at the 2016 World  Dance Competition in Reisa Germany!

Recreational Dance Classes

Competitive Dance























Acro dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with acrobatic elements. It is a popular dance style in competitive dance and in contemporary circus productions such as those by Cirque du Soleil.


This year we've expanded our "cirque-like" dance lessons to include "aerial hoops" along with "tumbling" and "contortion" classes available as other options for this dance genre.




Our ballet program follows the Royal Academy of Dance curriculum. All ballet dance students are placed in RAD grade levels and ballet exams are available each year for those who are ready to progress with beauty and grace onto the next grade level.




Check out this new video of our hip hop and break dancing classes!
























Hip Hop dance lessons are very popular, with the types of dance moves seen on today's music videos. No other formal dance training is required to bust a move in our hip hop classes although competitive Hip Hop classes are available for the more experienced Hip Hop dancers!




Jazz Dance lessons are also offered for a broad range of ages, with an emphasis on dance technique & choreography using music the students really enjoy.




Lyrical dance is based on both ballet and jazz. It is an expressive, subtle yet dynamic dance form which is focused on conveying emotion through movement.




Our musical theatre class develops jazz skills and techniques with emphasis on choreography where dancers portray character and acting through their dance.




Pre-dance classes at Creative Edge are always fun for ages 3 to 5. Parents love to watch the kids through the one-way mirrors looking look so cute while attempting to learn a little “pre-ballet” and “mini-tap”.




Students in this class work towards a performance that combines singing and dancing - very entertaining!



Tap dance is a very rhythmic form of dance characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the stage as a form of percussion.






“Four years ago, when our daughter started competitive classes, she felt enormous pride that her team had received several gold medals.  The aspect of teamwork is very much emphasized, along with the sentiment that it is not about winning at the competitions, but about doing your best.  The camaraderie the children are taught toward the other competition dancers will serve them well as they grow, and transfer to other aspects of their lives.”










The Edge Competitive Dance Classes:


Creative Edge offers competitive classes in Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Hiphop, Lryical and Ballet. These classes prepare

students intensively to compete at various competitions throughout the lower mainland.


Competitive classes are shown on our schedule in a pale green colour.


If you would like more information about our competitive program and which class your child should register for please

click to read our competitive dance parent handbook







Competitive Dance at The Edge:


All competitive dance classes require a minimum 8 month (October 1st to May 31st) commitment to your team (in some cases Sept-June will be required), regular attendance in class, attendance at all competitions, purchase of a costume, purchase of a Creative Edge Team Jacket (ages 7 and under not required), and prompt payment of tuition and competition fees. Our competitive rehearsals and preview show will be Friday February 3rd at the Clarke Theatre. Competition season falls between the beginning of March and mid-May (advanced groups will compete as early as February). All groups will attend Peak Abbostford in early May, other competitions will be announced later.


Extra Fees Involved with a Competitive Dance Class


- Purchase of a costume ranging in price from $75-$120 (deposit of half will come out Aug 25th and the remainder October 15th)

- Purchase of a studio jacket ranges $50-$80 depending on the style (only required if age 7+, purchase in time to wear to our first competition)

- Competition Fees typically range from $30-$38 per dancer, per group they are in, per competition. Solos, duos and trios are more expensive. Expect to pay at least $100/year in competition fees if your child takes one competitive dance to 3 competitions.


Fee deadlines will be released later but expect all to be due before the end of January. Competition fees are determined by the event and all money we collect goes directly to the competition coordinators.




Please keep your phone number and e-mail up to date with us. Parents of competitive dance students must pay close attention to all e-mails received from the studio. E-mails often contain very important information relating to fees, performance schedules or class cancellations. We also strongly recommend requesting to be added to our competitive dance Facebook group where we post videos of choreography for students to practice at home, helpful links, dance wear for sale and more. Our list of specific competitions we will be attending, including dates and locations, will be released before October 1st. A list of hair and make-up will be released before the dress rehearsal. (Make-up is always optional for our dancers under age 6.)


Private Dance


Private dance sessions are available to students wishing to do a solo, duo or trio at competition this year. These dances can be started as early as the summer. There is a choreography fee that may differ teacher to teacher (and is paid directly to them) and the weekly practice sessions are $37.50 per half hour (plus GST) or $40.50 per half hour if with Master Yoshi or Miss Catherine. Privates can also be booked (where there is space) for students who wish to have extra practice, work on technique or who need to catch up on missed choreography. Private dance time slots are available to register for online. All private dance must be pre-approved by the studio and teacher before moving forward to booking a slot. All solos/duos/trios with props must transport props themselves to and from competitions.




Our studio will hold a Competitive Dance Showcase on February 3rd that will feature all Competitive Dance routines. There is also a Year-End Show in late June featuring all recreational dance, drama and most competitive numbers. We also offer competitive students an opportunity to perform at community events such as the Downtown Abbotsford Christmas Tree Lighting (done the past two years) and on the stage at the Canada Day Celebrations (done the past three years).


Additional Information


The studio offers opportunities to participate in personal fundraising which can be used to help cover your costume and competition fees. These may include sales of Purdy’s chocolates, bake-sales, Neufeld Farm’s sales, flower sales at recitals, phone book delivery and more. See Nicole or Brandie at the front desk for more information.


All Creative Edge Dancers will have an opportunity to attend a Dance Photo Day where the purchase of individual or group photos will be optional.


All students who participate in our competitive dance program receive an individual trophy with their name engraved on it at the end of the year. Students are also invited to our Competitive Dance Pizza Party and (optional) Sleepover in January!


Please feel free to bring any and all questions or concerns to any of our management or front desk staff. We are always here to listen and help in any way that we can!



Thank you for being a part of our Competitive Dance Program!


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