Creative Edge has been once again voted Abbotsford's BEST ART SCHOOL


Celebrating over 25 years, we have been offering art classes for children in Abbotsford since 1991.


Our art lessons consist of instruction in many different art forms such as: drawing, painting, sewing, clay modeling, print making, cartooning, mixed media and more!


In addition, art students will have a chance to learn about, and make projects in the style of, great artists of the past and present such as; Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Frank Stella and Ted Harrison. For example, in June, the art classes learned about Jackson Pollock and created very fun, and messy, splatter paintings!


Students will get a chance to have their artwork shown on a rotating display board where it can be enjoyed by hundreds of students, parents and staff! We will also select an "Art Student of the Month" each month and have a special display just for them!


The program is available for 6 age groups as well as occasional adult art workshops!


Mini Art (Preschool ages 3-4)

Mini Art (Kindergarten ages 4-6)

Young at Art (age 5-7)

Junior Art (age 8-10)

Senior Art (age 11-13)

Teen Art (age 13+)

We also offer two new specialized art classes:


        Drawing (Ages 9+)

        Painting (Ages 11+)


For more information and to register


call 604-855-EDGE (3343).