Each class begins in our large room. Students hang up coats in the hallway and bring their shoes in and place them against the wall.


20 – 35 MINUTES OF FREE PLAY - includes dress-up, puzzles, building toys, books, kitchen center, large car mat, puppets etc. Children learn to play with each other sharing toys and often working together to build things. Teachers encourage interaction and getting along with one another. There will be a station which will change monthly with themes such as “Beauty Parlor”, “Grocery Store”, “Bakery”, “Flower Shop” etc. We will also have teacher assisted tables where students will perform a task such as hammering nails, sorting beads with tweezers into colors, following patterns, sorting objects according to an attribute such as size, color shape etc. and many other activities. Play dough and water tables will also be out as will a science table with insects etc.


10 – 15 MINUTES OF A GROUP GAME - i.e. memory game, bean bag games (for balancing and coordination), drama games, finding colors and shape games, partner games, circle games.


CIRCLE TIME - our circle time is centered around monthly themes ( i.e. hibernation, dinosaurs, insects, circus, health and safety, community workers, plants, nursery rhymes, etc. ) We discuss what day of the week it is, our number and letter of the week, shape of the week, and counting from one to ten in English and in French. We also use flashcards to reinforce learning of colors, shapes, numbers etc. In addition, we learn our letters in sign language which helps the children to better understand the alphabet. We sing songs ( often related to our monthly theme ) and we read stories and perform finger plays.


ART TIME (in our craft room) - all students sit on the floor while the teachers explain the days craft tables and where to find the paper needed for each table. One teacher sits at the main craft table and helps the children with their craft. In addition to the main craft table we have other tables including painting, junk art and cutting and we also have language arts and math activities where the children can learn shapes, numbers and letters both by tracing and copying. Children also learn to use safety scissors. At the end of craft time each child has their own basket to keep their crafts in. They learn their basket by the picture on it and some children can also recognize the basket number as well. Around Easter, we will be hatching chicks. This is a very exciting time for the children.


SNACK TIME (in our main classroom) – simple healthy snacks are provided for the children. We are making a commitment starting this year to offer only organic snacks for our preschoolers. Please be sure and advise the teachers of severe allergies and fill out any allergies on your child’s “Health Form”. On party days, you can send a snack to share and it can be whatever your child would like to share (providing there are no allergies in which case the teachers will inform you as to what not to send)


BIG PLAYROOM – lots of great indoor equipment to promote physical and social activity.


MUSIC - Music time uses glockenspiels and rhythm instruments to learn to follow rhythms. Children also enjoy playing their instruments and singing along.


DANCING GAMES – during each class we teach dance routines where the children learn how to follow instructions while being taught different actions. Some of our favorites are: Bird Dance, Hokey Pokey, Mulberry Bush, Stretch it out, Lion Hunt, Freeze dance, Peppermint Twist, Limbo, Marching song, Color song etc.



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